Horizon Zero Dawn


Do you like Dinosaurs? Do you also like the future? How about both? That’s right, Horizon Zero Dawn is a video game that lets you experience the past but, like, in the future. Sounds confusing? Good, because the plot is exactly that. You play as a cave lady trying to prove herself as a worthy human being (women, am I right?) who discovers that there’s more to her past than she initially thought. She sets out to deal with it while preventing the impending end of the world, because guess what, the robo-monsters roaming around suddenly feel like killing everybody. More so than usual.

If you ever felt like throwing a knife at your Roomba because it keeps missing that one nasty spot in the living room, but you don’t want to destroy something that cost half your rent, you can let your frustrations out in Horizon Zero Dawn. Nothing feels as satisfying as sinking an arrow into one of these bastards from the safety of a bunch of bushes that conveniently have the same colour as your hair. Just make sure your shot hits dead centre, because these dino-droids will curb-stomp you into extinction.

You think you can just spam arrows on these terminator-pets? Think again! You’ll need to craft your arrows, and that shit requires resources. No, you don’t need to take up woodworking lessons, but best believe you’ll spend most of your journey picking up sticks and scraps, hunt animals for nourishment, and pick flowers for potions you’ll forget to use. It’s survival of the fittest, and who wouldn’t stay fit climbing up mountains with an entire forest in their satchel.

Speaking of mountains, yes the view is fantastic. Take a couple screenshots while you’re up there. Everyone else does it and still no one is tired of it yet. Beauty doesn’t fade, until the next console generation is released.

This game is fun, beautiful, and engaging, unlike the folks you meet on your way to work. So skip the depressing atmosphere of the daily money making machine, and kill some goddamn robo-raptors instead.




  1. Horizon’s pretty good. Not many games where you can trip a giant robo-dino with some well-placed wires. What are some of your other favorite games, if you don’t mind my asking?

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    • Some of my most recent favourites are both Horizon and The Witcher 3. I believe Witcher 3 has shown us the way an adventure RPG should go and then Horizon went to perfect it.
      But there’s so many games out there that it’s hard to just pick a few.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I kinda feel bad that I haven’t played The Witcher 3 yet. I keep hearing great things about it. You could write a list of fifty or more of your favorite games and I wouldn’t mind one bit. Haha. I’m always interested in learning what games people like.


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