What type of craft beer are you?

Before the next craft beer story releases tomorrow, let’s do something stupid.

Craft beers always have fun labels. Their names range from simple beer puns to insane weirdness. There seems to be no end in creativity when it comes to creating a name and label for your beer. And with my help, you don’t have to be creative at all to do so.

We’ve all been on Facebook, we’ve seen how this works. But here’s a rundown for those who were absent from social media trends: Pick the words corresponding to your first name as well as day and month you were born, put them together in that same order of Letter/Day/Month, and voila, you have a crazy name for your next craft beer creation.

Let me know how it worked out for you. Especially the artists among you who feel inspired to create your own label. I would be happy to see those results.


First letter of your first name Day you were born Month you were born
A Dazzling 1 Taco Jan IPA
B Nutty 2 Pirate Feb Pilsner
C Ambitious 3 Dachshund Mar Lager
D Repulsive 4 Soccer-Mom Apr Sour beer
E Mysterious 5 Blogger May Gose
F Howling 6 Pelican Jun Cream Ale
G Diligent 7 Virus Jul Porter
H Uptight 8 Gecko Aug Hefeweizen
I Greasy 9 Face-Tattoo Sep ESB
J Rapping 10 Pedestrian Oct Saison
K Bumpy 11 Step-Dad Nov Red Ale
L Obnoxious 12 Panda Dec Stout
M Zesty 13 Pole-dancer
N Grumpy 14 Love-seat
O Magnetic 15 Gerbil
P Lusty 16 Skateboard
Q Sloppy 17 Ninja
R Colossal 18 Rhino
S Nasty 19 Kitty
T Sneaky 20 Marriage
U Witty 21 Platypus
V Resting 22 Salesclerk
W Ancient 23 Vulture
X Ghastly 24 Hipster
Y Tinkling 25 Doormat
Z Crooked 26 Orca
27 Cyborg
28 Helicopter
29 Fruit-fly
30 Rockstar
31 Marlin


    • Take the first letter of your firstname, the day you were born, and the month you were born. The corresponding words will form the name of your “spiritual” craft beer.
      For example: My name starts with A, and I’m born on 19th of March.
      A: Dazzling
      19: Kitty
      March: Lager

      My craft beer is “Dazzling Kitty Lager”


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