NINJA SEX PARTY, or NSP for short, is a musical comedy duo consisting of hopeless romantic Danny Sexbang and unflinching murder enthusiast Ninja Brian. Cool Patrol is their fourth original comedy album and if the signed copy didn’t give it away yet, I have to say that I’m a huge fan. Falling in love with their music is easy if you have a weak spot for dick jokes, wordplay, and immature silliness. Combine all that with 80’s rock music and you got yourself a party; a ninja sex party. But even a connoisseur of corny clownfoolery can’t keep cackling at the same jokes, so the question is whether NSP’s comedy career is still on the rise or has become stale over the years.

WARNING: In this review I will link to some of the bands’ music videos on YouTube. These may or may not be classified as NSFW (which by the way is the name of their first album). Viewer discretion is advised. The links will open in a new window so don’t worry about losing track of the review if you feel like checking out the songs in between.


NINJA SEX PARTY has come far when it comes to the production level of their music. The transformation from their early charmingly cringey videos to their latest masterpieces is magical. Despite this they didn’t lose what made the cheesy special effects so great and maintained a level of silliness in their costume designs and use of props. That alone could put COOL PATROL on the top, but high definition video quality doesn’t define a good album. The most important aspect for a comedy album is to be funny while also contain catchy music. This will keep the audience listening on repeat and singing along before they realize they’re in public.

Good Stuff

Their flagship song COOL PATROL, which the album is named after, together with the ingenious hilarity in ORGY FOR ONE are fantastic choices to kick off the album. The latter made it to the top of my favourite NSP songs, beating the previous champion RHINOCERATOPS VS SUPERPUMA (from the second album) that had been filling me with glee for years. ORGY FOR ONE has essentially elements from the one-hit-wonder MAMBO NO. 5, where the verse mostly consists of listing girl names. Only in this case, the singer is far less successful than Lou Bega was back in the day. The lyrics are easy to memorize and it’s so much fun to sing along that I will never skip this song. If you ever felt bad for Danny not being able to score, worry no more because he seems to have his way of coping.

HEART BONER is their most beautiful love song (and probably the first that doesn’t end in Danny getting dumped). When you’re too immature to voice your feelings for the girl, but you really have a hard-on of love built up inside, this is how you can express your gratitude.

Of course, COOL PATROL itself deserves to be further examined. This is one of the songs where the more you listen to it, the more different types of musical notes pop into your ears. At first it’s just the lyrics, but soon you’ll be humming along with the faint high-pitched keyboard tune in the background. Plus, the video includes some pretty cool roller-skating dance moves.

All of the albums content is a funfest for lovers of comedy and 80’s rock music.

Bad Stuff

Did I say all of the content? Yeah, not quite. There is one song I couldn’t get into no matter how often I tried to listen to. Something about FIRST DATE keeps throwing me off. It’s not the humor, because I get the joke and find it funny. This song is a parody of romanticising “bad boy” hits where the singer would convince an innocent girl to commit some minor crimes in order to have a fun night out. While it’s funny how this song escalates from sneaking into a movie to murdering five people, it’s the music that puts me off. The guitar riff at the beginning promises some good rock but the flow of the chorus falls flat and does not deliver.

The opposite of FIRST DATE’s problems are the skits on the album. NSP always had some fun little quips that weren’t really songs wedged into the album for some extra funnies. Most of the time, however, I’ll end up skipping them because unlike a comedic song, I can only listen to the same joke so many times before it stops being funny. I don’t consider the track GFY (short for “go fuck yourself”) a skit, though, because that one has an actual musical background attached to it, and is fun to sing along, despite being very short. The non-song tracks include the intro, outro, and two others that are in the middle of the album. They’re funny but interrupt the music.

So when you think you’re getting an album with fifteen songs, you really only get eleven, of which one is not as enjoyable.

Final Assessment

COOL PATROL shows how far NINJA SEX PARTY has gotten without going stale. In fact, it is not just their production value that improved. While you might think that dick jokes are easy to pull off, NSP’s lyrics are often smart and witty wordplays delivered with passion and self-awareness.

The album has been number one for seven weeks (out of seven) on the BILLBOARD charts. NINJA SEX PARTY also posts most of their songs as music videos eventually on their YouTube channel (which you can easily find by typing “” into your web-browser’s URL bar. I’m serious), if you feel like diving into their music for free.

I have been a fan of the band since their humble beginnings and want to support these artists. That’s why I pre-ordered the physical CD’s when they came out. I am greatly pleased with what I got and if you share the same type of humor, you will be, too.

Ninja Sex Party original albums


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