Rhymesicle – Stuck

Rhymesicle, cherry flavour



I push and I pull

and I can’t seem to get myself out of this lull

which is quiet and empty

and full to the brim

With its loud rush of nothing looking gleefully grim.

It tears at me,

grabs me,

holds on tight, lets me go,

and I hastily sit there with nothing to show.

Forced to force myself forward,

make me finish what’s done,

then repeat it forever, yet accomplishing none

of the thousand and five hundred things, give or take,

which reside behind eyes idling wide awake.



I’ve done this before

so many times and will do many more,

yet I can’t overpower this weakness at all

and I drown in cement, in a grey ocean wall.

Just come out.

Get it out.

Rip it out of my head,

this obnoxiously nauseous subconscious dread

growing silently louder while it shrinks down my clock.

I’m successfully failing to move on from this block.



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