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What type of craft beer are you?

Before the next craft beer story releases tomorrow, let’s do something stupid. Craft beers always have fun labels. Their names range from simple beer puns to insane weirdness. There seems to be no end in creativity when it comes to creating a name and label for your beer. And with my help, you don’t have to be creative at all to do so. We’ve all been on Facebook, we’ve seen how this works. But here’s a rundown for those who were absent from social media trends: Pick the words corresponding… Read more What type of craft beer are you?

Short Story Analysis And The Making Of “The Depths of Desperation”

This is going to be a little true story about last weeks short story. I’m inviting you to find out a little bit about the process that went into making it and also point out important details that I don’t want to be left overlooked. Usually, I have a couple of topics and ideas that I like to turn into short stories. I give my artist, Aisha Boucher, a list of those stories in advance. She has free reign on what art she wants to paint for it, although we… Read more Short Story Analysis And The Making Of “The Depths of Desperation”

Pushing my buttons

You know what really grinds my gears, annoys me, taunts and slowly steers me down a path of pure frustration? I’ll tell you, no exaggeration: The thing that sets me off the rails is cruel and, ugh, it never fails to boil my blood, it drives me nuts and makes me hate your freaking guts. It always drives me up the wall, must be the final straw of all that makes me mad with scolding rage, and blows the gasket off my gauge. But if you still don’t get the… Read more Pushing my buttons