The Author and the Artist

The Author

Alex McHotstuff is the creator of this blog and all written content within it. Since he was about 12 years old he wanted to entertain the masses, and writing seemed to be the cheapest way to achieve that. He sucked. But now he sucks less and hopes that people will enjoy his creations. Alex also finds it weird how biographies are written in the third person, even though it is the author itself that writes these.

Being the most stalked blogger is his dream, which is why Alex set up a Facebook page and Twitter account to make his dream a nightmarish reality.

The Artist

Aisha Boucher is the commissioned talent behind all the paintings and drawings that add visual flair to the stories. Without her, this blog would be a bundle of bland words on a boring background. Aisha was discovered by Alex when she was selling art pieces for a few nickels while sitting on the curb between a burned down orphanage and an abandoned insane asylum. She also did not agree to this backstory prior to publishing.

Find Aisha and more of her art, her puppy, and her life on Instagram.