All My Stuff

Short Stories – My stories are like fast food: quick, cheap, and unsatisfying.

Craft Beer Stories – Ever notice how reviews use eccentric language to describe something and fail to inform the consumer? I’m gonna do that, too, but in a story writing way.

Sales Pitch – Infomercial and Snake-Oil Salesman inspired content to get you satirically informed about anything I have an opinion about.

Rhymesicles – Poetry in its most basic form. Why read sophisticated prose if you can listen to how fun some words sound?

Badvice – Ever wondered how to not do something? Find out with these unhelpful guides.

Dear Video Games – An open letter review of video games. The good, the bad, and the meh.

Good Stuff Bad Stuff – A review of anything that isn’t video games. Books, music, things, stuff, anything that can get a rating. What’s the good stuff? What’s the bad stuff?

Blogging – Everything else that doesn’t fit into my categories. This includes blogger awards I’ve been tagged in by other members of the community, as well as my “How to German” lessons.